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Province Apothecary

Nourishing + Revitalizing Moisturizer


What It Is
A lightweight moisturizer designed to improve tone and texture, while offering added hydration and soothing comfort.

How It Works
Suitable for all skin types, this intelligent formula features botanical extracts and essential oils, works to soften skin, reduce the appearance of age spots and minimize fine lines. Vitamin-rich ingredients, such as Carrot oil and Rose Hip Seed oil, offer natural anti-aging benefits, which help restore skin tone, replenish the skin’s moisture barrier and improve the overall complexion.

Why You’ll Love It
This nourishing blend of plant ingredients is perfect for daily wear. It’s hydrating formula leaves no greasy residue and won’t clog pores. For added hydration, mix the moisturizer with your serum!
Use at sunrise and sunset, as needed.

  • Apply a thin layer to face and neck in an upward, circular motion
  • For additional hydration, layer with face serum or face balm

Suited to all skin types.
Aqua, Emulsimulse Wax*, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Citrus Seed Extract*, Rose Flower Water*, Vitamin E, Evening Primrose Oil*, Lactobacillus Ferment, Grape Seed Oil*,Rosehip Seed Oil*, Rosemary Leaf Extract, Jojoba Seed Oil* [infused With Calendula Flowers*], Carrot Root Extract, Lavender Oil*, Myrrh Oil, Neroli Oil, Rose Otto Oil, Frankincense, Oil,* Immortelle Oil. *Certified organic ingredient. Emulsimulse is a naturally-sourced, biodegradable emulsifier made from glycerine and plant fatty acids, used to stabilize this product and enhance your skin’s softness. Lactobacillus Ferment is a naturally-occurring preservatives that is antimicrobial, non-comedogenic, and an antioxidant.

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